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Shutter EVO (bimetal) YoYo

Shutter EVO (bimetal) YoYo

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Shutter Evo (Bimetal)

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 The Shutter first came out in 2013. Since then an entire line of yoyos has been built from the concept. The Shutter “EVO” is the next Evolution, paving the way for the future of yoyo design. It features 40+ grams of stainless steel pushed as far to the outside of the yoyo as possible through an innovative fully wrap-around rim design. This translates to an unreal amount of power and long spin times. Its wide profile and sharper rim design gives it the widest catch zone out of any yoyo in the Shutter series, making it easier to land your tricks.

 Included with the Shutter EVO is a rim locating tool. The Shutter EVO and many other Bimetal YoYos are basically the F1 car of yo-yo. Super high performance until you hit a curb.  The potential to dislodge rims exists in many yo-yos and with the exposure of such large and significant steel rims we felt a need to allow players to return their yo-yo to the highest level of performance in the event of a mishap.  If the rings of the shutter EVO are to move the large tube can be placed in the yoyo prior to assembly. as its screwed together the rims will be relocated back to the original position. If more work is needed the yoyo can be placed as a half in the big tube as a cradle and the small part of the tool as a lid. Lid can be pressed into the yoyo, supported by the cradle to push the rim back into its original position. 

 This is not a fine tuning device, mores to keep your yoyo performing at a high level if (when) accidents happen. The tool can also be used on other yo-yos and will be sold separately in the future. 


YOYO Full Specs:

Diameter 56.55mm

Width 48.08mm

Gap .170"in

Weight 65.5grams

Bearing: Standard Center track

 7075 alloy

Stainless steel rims

Center Trac Bearing (large)

8mm stainless steel axle

19mm (large) response pads

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