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Spotlight YoYo

Spotlight YoYo

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Spotlight YoYo

Hunter Feuerstein is a PRO & TikTok celebrity with over 2 million followers! This is his signature yoyo - The Spotlight!

SPOTLIGHT is the debut signature release of hotshot 3x Arizona state yoyo champion! Hunter has competed across the USA and was all set to take it to the world.... when you know, that pandemic thing. He is now starring in online contests and most recently is competing in the Online World Yoyo contest using a prototype of this design. Ready for finals, he now has the production model in hand!

It's a big wide 6061 yoyo with a soft edge, essential for hours of practice. Hunters' tricks blend big and small and the Spotlight blends agility with size to suit him and anyone looking to become a top-level player.


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