Holiday shipping

Want to make sure your package gets delivered by Christmas or another deadline? 

Our shipping guidelines are not guarantees but they can help you save money and hopefully get what you need on time.


economy shipping goes next business day and typically takes 3-5 days. Christmas time is not Typical! Add weather and things will get dicey way further than a week out.  USPS will say later but I wouldn’t risk economy shipping after December 13.  Expedited is usps priority shipping. Maybe on the 18th but no later. 
Fedex is 2-day transit so if you order Monday, it will ship by Tuesday and be to you Thursday. So the hard cutoff for FedEx 2 day is Wednesday December 20, early enough in the day we can get it in FedEx hands.

We will offer fast ($$) last minute options but try get it done by the 20th.



i think I wouldn’t gamble with economy shipping anymore. The 10-15 day typical thing is great but it’s not typical season.  Fixed is 3-5 day transit and the extra speed for peace of mind is worth the spend. 

to make the upgrade cost a little softer we are adding a Center Trac bearing (large) to all FedEx orders so please don’t take the chance 😇


Happy Holidays!



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