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A-MAY-ZING 2023 Turbo Grind Machine

A-MAY-ZING 2023 Turbo Grind Machine

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 A-MAY-ZING 2023 Turbo Grind Machine

Way back when we first started setting world records, redefining contest yo-yos and the tricks that could be done on them we had an idea. Pads below the surface, to generate spin and response.. on bearing yo-yos.

It was novel, it was cool & it kickstarted the next generation of yo-yo design and play. We still have love for these old pads and the warm response it generates in a yo-yo so we retried our first metal yo-yo shape with these classic pads that we now have again made available to the world. 

The play characteristics are tug response that allows smooth slides on the string. Its a very beginner friendly setup and also great for modern responsive play. The lenses add weight but without the caps its already a nice solid yo-yo. Lubricant can be added to the bearing for an even snappier response but players familiar with the day will soon rediscover their love for the pads with a dry clean bearing.

Comes complete in box with:



2 non removable lenses

1 pack string

2 replacement retro response pads


Weight No Cap 55.5gm

Weight  Cap 63

Weight No Cap  Mutant 59

Weight  Cap Mutant 66.5

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