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Gentry Stein - YoYo World Champion

Gentry Stein - YoYo World Champion

Birthday: May 1st
Country: USA
Preferred style: 1A
Handed: Right
Favorite Yoyo: Shutter & Replay
Titles: 2019 World Champion, 2019 USA Champion, 2016 USA Champion, 2015 USA Champion, 2014 World Champion, and 2013 USA Champion

Gentry Stein Favorite Yoyo's
Replay Pro Yoyo. Plastic. Designed for performance, extreme durability, and a low price point. Poly-carbonate and Inter Track Bearing. Click for more info Shutter Yoyo. Metal. Designed for power, speed, and control through long technical combinations and flashy performances. Click for more info Shutter Wide Angle Yoyo. Metal. Wider shape and power suit modern contest trick play and encourage bigger and flashier tricks. Click for more info

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