All your yo-yo DNA questions answered!

All your yo-yo DNA questions answered!

Want to learn the DNA?

Learn from the king, Gentry Stein, after all he named the trick!

Which yo-yo to perform the DNA?


here are our top 5 yo-yos

1. DNA 

its got DNA in its name!

Unresponsive and ready for action


You can perform the DNA both responsively and unresponsively on the arrow depending on which included bearing you use


the best unresponsive plastic yo-yo for DNA in the game

4. Bettynova

Go on, use the custom cap to lock it in and enjoy the longest finger spins while you mast the bind to DNA!

5. American Liberte 

Made in the USA for long spins.

Great for regular tricks AND Horizontal fingerspin tricks including... you guessed it.... the DNA!



Still can't DNA?


there is always the Shirt!


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