Refund policy

 Return Policy & Shipping information

YoYoFactory has a big logo but we are just regular people and if you have any problems please reach out to us. We care about our yo-yos and your experience with them.

Got the wrong item for you? As long as it’s in an undamaged condition we can exchange or refund your purchase. If it’s a change of your mind situation you will need to pay for the return shipping to us, for an exchange, we can cover the ship blackout to you. Fair? We do not offer this as a free rental or trial service so please be reasonable or we will implement a 20% restocking fee.

Something not right? you have 14 days to find it out and let us know! Please let us know immediately and pause on using your yoyo until we get back to you. We may choose issue a return label. In some cases it may be a replaceable parts like strings, pads and bearings. We may ask you to perform some routine maintenance first and may choose to just send you a part. String is a consumable part and not covered by any warranty. It’s like buying a car, you still need to buy gas.

Damage to yo-yos cause by impact, or contact with hard surfaces including damage to finish or loss of precision are not covered by any warranty and may void any other claims.

If you need a repair please email us! if we have parts of know-how we can share or help facilitate a fix with parts. We love to keep our yo-yos spinning.