Nine Dragons FAQ


To take the 'Nine Dragons' apart hold the body with the palm of your hands
and unscrew. The axle can be used to press the body/bearing/spacer free.

Assembly order of parts:
A) Body
A) Bearing
A) Dragon Shell
A) spacer
A) Pad

B) Axle
B) Bearing
B) string (optionally attached)

C) Pad
C) Spacer
C) Dragon shell
C) Bearing
C) Body

nine dragons assembly 
Layout of NINE Dragon assembly


Q. How do I wind up the NINE dragons?
A. Hold the body and shell together in the same hand to prevent rotation and
wind like a normal yoyo. Quick starts are more difficult but still possible.

Q. My NINE dragons vibrates, is that normal?
A. You have 3 different potentially spinning objects. There are strange
harmonics at play. To minimize the vibration, simply perform tricks. This is
not a designed to be thrown and NOT interacted with either by catching or
string play. Both of these activities negates vibration. Play with it and
its fine. Throw it and just watch and you have a science experiment.

Q. My NINE dragons makes noise. Is that normal?
A. Yes. There bearings and 2 large spinning caps make noise. Use a small
amount of lube to reduce spin. This may also reduce performance. The amount
of noise your yoyo makes will change as 3 bearings play in and change
throughout their life.

Q. One of my Dragon caps spins better than the other, is that normal?
A. Yes. It is just bearing life. You can de-assemble and re-assemble your
yoyo to make sure it is all together properly but with use, everything
typically evens out with time and use.

Q. If I throw it hard into the ground will it break?
A. Yes, and this is not covered by warranty. You can email for access to spare parts.

Q.How do i adjust string tension?
A. The easiest way is to let the string hang free. Advanced ways include a
horizontal tornado bind or a sidewinder bind.

Q. Can I upgrade to a CT bearing? What about pads?
A. Yes! NINE dragons also accepts 19mm CBC pads.

Q. Can I use NINE dragons in competitions? Isn’t it unfair?
A. There are no rules currently prohibiting the use of NINE dragons. It may
be an unfair advantage and in the future rules may be changed. We are
actively promoting a 9A division to be run at select events around the