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Abyss YoYo

Abyss YoYo

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Abyss YoYo

12 years ago we met a kid named Kento Noda. For the past 12 years, he has been a presence in the Japan Contest scene. Not the star winning all the titles but as a player who loves yo-yo loves to compete and has some great tricks. Kento worked with SUS Mechanics on this design and for a debut signature model it shows a deep understanding of the blend between performance and the actual needs of a player. 

We loved Abyss instantly.

There are many familiar curves yet it delivers something quite unique. It's Modern, yet throwback. A yo-yo to not only enters a player's rotation but is the one they chose to take with them for the day. 

Love your work Kento. Keep it up.


  • Weight 63gm
  • Diameter 56.45mm
  • Width 45.54mm
  • Gap 4.3mm


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