Beginner to PRO Yoyo Set
Beginner to PRO Yoyo Set
Beginner to PRO Yoyo Set

Beginner to PRO Yoyo Set

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Beginner to PRO Yoyo Set

All the equipment you need to take you to the next level.

This kit contains 

Spinstar - Entry Level plastic bearing yo-yo designed to help you master the basics

Arrow - Your first step-up yo-yo. Designed to handle the hardest responsive tricks and be your gateway to unresponsive using the included upgrade bearing.

REPLAY PRO - Unresponsive action. This yoyo has a wide gap and will be perfect for mastering the whips and slack sticks that define modern unresponsive yo-yoing.

Also included:

thin lube - just a drop will do to keep your bearing spinning smoothly

thick lube - a drop adds a response to the bearing

5 strings


YoYos will be shipped inside YoYoFactory Case where possible. If you would like the case to be protected during shipping please select FEDEX.

Colors May Vary.

    YoYo Type:
  • Beginner
  • box
  • intermediate
  • kit
  • modern
  • plastic
  • pro
  • responsive
  • set
  • unresponsive