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Big 3 YoYo Set

Big 3 YoYo Set

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Big 3 YoYo Set

It’s 2022. This set is for todays yo-yo player. No mater your skill, there is enough in this set to improve where you are currently and get you to the most advanced tricks.


Set includes:

A spinstar for classic responsive play or to get your friend into yo-yo.  (Regular price $7.99)

Arrow with both responsive and unresponsive bearing to transition from classic to modern tricks including the DNA. (Regular price $17.99)

Atom Smasher is modern unresponsive yo-yo for all advanced unresponsive tricks. Nothing this yo-yo can’t handle in that realm with enough practice. (Regular price $19.99)

+5 strings for good measure (a few bucks)


total value: $45+

price: $35

colors will vary!


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