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Bullseye YoYo

Bullseye YoYo

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Bullseye YoYo

Godspeed™ for Godspeed.

DNA™ for DNA

Bullseye? take the bull by the horns, handle them all and learn to 'Hit the Bullseye!' to unlock the longest fingerspins ever!

Bullseye is best in class. The longest spins both on the string and on the finger. The rings around the center of the bullseye can be used to guide your finger to the spot but with practice, you will learn to pop the Bullseye straight onto your finger. Without a super deep pocket there is less friction. This makes longer spins on the finger. Bullseye is unmatched.




43.5mm wide

56.5mm dia

6061 Aluminum

10mm stainless steel axle

19mm slim response pads

Capable of accepting 1/2 spec bearing for responsive play

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