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Shu Takada - YoYo World Champion

Shu Takada - YoYo World Champion

Birthday: October 7th
Country: Japan
Preferred style: 2a & 1a
Handed: Right 
Favorite Yoyo: Loop720, Loop360, Loop2020.
Titles: 6x World Champion
Other sponsors: fist salud, Dolly Noire, XLARGE, and Insta360.

Shu Takada Favorite Yoyo
Loop 720 yoyo, plastic, Designed to be the absolute best starter looping yoyo, from beginner to advanced tricks. Click for more info. - Sugar High Titanium yoyo. In play it is a beast. If feels big and in charge. This is pro titanium yoyo. Click for more info.

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