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$9.99 - YoYo Beginners Special

$9.99 - YoYo Beginners Special

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Getting into yoyo?

Don’t want to spend too much money?

This is for you!

We have a range of our popular plastic bearing yoyos which offer great spin and tug response combined with a 5 pack of string (which you will need) with our OFTEN COPIED yo-yo holder all for only $9.99!

Tricks and maintenance are in our TRICKS section.

All of these yoyos offer great classic yoyo performance. The GO, BlackCat, and Poster are slimmer designs and better for looping tricks. Spinstar, Voyage, Plus, Snapshot, and Starlite are winged shapes that aid in string tricks.

The strings are high-quality Polyester.

The yoyo holder has a metal carabiner for attachment and a loop to hold your yoyo secure.

To reduce waste, no package will be included with the yoyo.

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